Series H - Hoist Geared Motor

PBL Hoist Geared Motor
  • Product Options
    Unit Sizes H3100, H3200, H3300
    Lifting capacity Up to 12.5 Tons
    Gear Ratios Up to 120:1
    Motor Sizes IEC Frames from 90 to 160


  • Product Features
    • Input Versions: Geared motor and Motor-mount Reducer for IEC Electric Motor
    • Mounting Options: Face-mounted or Foot-mounted & Output shaft with External Spline
    • Motor Options: Includes Electric motors of types Standard, Brake, Crane-duty, Brake + Crane duty, and special motors.
    • Accessories: Driving Flange, Bake fitted at Shaft, Brake fitting provision on Gearbox, and Double Oil Seal option.
  • Applications
    • Hoist Application
  • Industries
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