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Manufacturer and exporter of helical and worm geared motors, roloid gear pumps and shaft mounted speed reducers.

Power Build established in 1972 is a leading manufacturer of high performance helical and worm geared motors, helical bevel geared motorsroloid gear pumps, shaft mounted speed reducers, gearboxes, and custom engineered gear motors. We are proud of our 1.5 million plus installed product base globally, as a testament to our engineering strength, commitment to innovation and customer first values. Radicon PowerBuild has earned its place as a well recognised brand globally. 

Geared motors and gearboxes are the heart of any engineering product. It is not just the torque and speed but the RELIABILITY of the Geared Motors that defines the performance of your product or equipment. So, whenever you think of Geared Motors, choose Reliability over the ordinary.Choose RADICON POWERBUILD, a name that personifies RELIABILITY and VALUE.

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