Custom Drive Solutions

RADICON POWERBUILD has its in-house design and testing facility along with state-of-art manufacturing set up. Drive solutions can be tailored to suit individual customer or project requirement. RADICON POWERBUILD has delivered solutions for a range of applications. Today over 200, 000 gearboxes are installed across India for applications with torque upto 20,000 Nm.

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PBL Custom Drive Solutions
  • Product Options
    Input Power: As per requirement
    Output Torque: As per requirement
    Gear Ratios: As per requirement
    Output Options: As per requirement
    Motor Sizes: IEC Frames from 63 to 280
  • Product Features
    • Input Versions: Geared motor, Motor-mount Reducer for IEC Motor and Reducer unit with Solid input shaft.
    • Output Options: Solid Shaft (Single/Double) and Hollow Shaft.
    • Motor Options: Includes motors of types standard, brake, flame-proof and crane-duty.
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