PBL VFD Solution

PBL Centralized Drive (CD) Series is the Standard General Purpose VFDs with built-in High Capacity than Normal Duty Drives.

A Variable Frequency Drive can regulate a motor's precise speed in contrast to a soft starter, which can simply accelerate and decelerate the motor.

The PBL CD Series AC Drives have a 400 kW Power ranges with an Input supply ratings of Single Phase and Three Phase (230VAC/415VAC)

PowerBuild's AC Motor Drives' sophisticated power electronics and cutting-edge microprocessor technology enable the drives to precisely manage motor speed, enhance machine automation, and conserve energy.

Our AC drives offer a wide range of bespoke control and configuration working modes, precise speed and torque control, and the ability to smoothly manage an increasing load with use of our Geared Motor Product Ranges.

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PBL PBL VFD Solution
  • Product Options
    Product Range: 0.4 kW to 400 kW
    Input voltage: 1? 230 VAC ; 3? 230 VAC & 3? 415 VAC
    Output Frequency Range: 0 – 400 Hz & 0 – 600 Hz
    Control mode: v/f control, Sensor-less vector control & Torque control
  • Product Features
    • Double layered Conformal coating as standard
    • C3 Level EMC Filter Built-in
    • PID as well as Input & Output delay
    • Flexible parameters display
    • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation), Timing control, fixed length control, etc.
    • 16-steps speed control Programming
    • Torque control build-in (v/f separated control)
    • S curve acceleration/deceleration
    • Multi-functional programmable keypad
  • Applications
    • Aerators
    • Conveyors
    • Cross-flow grit Separator
    • Gating Systems
    • Mechanical Screens
    • Mixers
    • Palletizing
    • Paper Mill Drive
    • Rotating Biological Contractor
    • Scrapers
    • Vortex Grit Trap
  • Industries
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