Series J - Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

RADICON POWERBUILD Series 'J' is available in the most popular ratios. A very simple product that is easy to mount and dismount using our patented KIBO technology. By varying input speed using mechanical drives, the output RPM can be controlled to suit any application.

Series 'J' delivers an excellent performance especially for construction, ceramic, glass, mining, paper and chemical industries.

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PBL Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer
  • Product Options
    Unit Sizes J1, J2, J3, J5 and J7- Single and Double Stages
    Input Power Up to 55kW
    Output Torque Up to 5,000Nm
    Gear Ratios 3.6:1 to 3200:1- Single/Double Reduction
    Gear Ratios
    • Up to 5:1- Single Reduction.

    • Up to 25:1- Double Reduction.
  • Product Features
    • Input Options: Chain, Belt pulley.
    • Output Options: Standard Hollow Shaft, Shrink Disc.
    • Accessories: Backstop, Torque Arm Bracket.
  • Applications
    • Conveyors
    • Mixers
  • Industries
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