PBWR Series - Worm Gear Reducers

PBL is delighted to announce the universal mounting reducer known as the "PBWR Series (Aluminium Worm Gearbox)." The PBWR series is a new generation of worm gear units produced both domestically and internationally on the basis of their reliability, performance, and sophisticated engineering.

The PBWR Series comes in sizes ranging from 025 to 150, with reduction ratios ranging from 7.5 to 100. PBWR Series worm reducers and gearbox housings from models 030 to 090 are constructed of high quality die-cast aluminium alloy, while sizes 110 to 150 are made of grey cast iron.

Gearboxes from size 25 to 75 with pre filled synthetic oil grade & Gearboxes from 90 to 150 with pre filled mineral oil is commonly used. Enhance the capabilities of our PBWR Series Worm Reducer with our range of accessories: output flanges, torque arms, single or double solid output shafts, etc.


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PBL Worm Gear Reducers
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